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AED 16.00
The need to protect the wrist from injuries and sprains can arise in all sports where the hands and forearms are tense and actively involved: basketball, volleyball, tennis, powerlifting, weightlifting, motor sports, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, etc. etc. Using the brace, you will protect your wrist from dislocation and overload. The latch is lightweight and elastic, pleasant to the touch. It is an elastic wide seamless cylindrical surface, the volume of which can be adjusted with Velcro. Depending on this, the pressure on the wrist also changes, it can be made more or less. Fits over the wrist through the palm. Includes a one-handed retainer. Can be washed in the "hand wash" mode. What is the wrist brace used for: to protect against overload. A type Bandages The size S / M Colour Gray-White Packing dimensions 20 * 10 * 3