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AED 18.00
OVERVIEW The Resistance Band is a revolutionary dual latex tubing design that is built for maximum durability and better elasticity. The innovative dual latex tubing design is reinforced throughout the length of the band with multiple “elastic clamps” that absorb and distribute band pressure during usage. The Dual Resistance Tube is different from resistance bands as they are round and have handles at both ends. Although the tubing is easier to maneuver with the handles, the Dual Resistance Tube training requires coordination and balance so you end up using more of your core muscle groups to stabilize your body. RESIST TUBE HANDLES FEATURES :
  • Max Durable
Designed for strength and safety, the Dual Resistance Tubes are built for maximum durability and stronger elasticity. The band will not break nor snap and you can use the enhanced resistance band to develop and sculpt your upper body chest, back, shoulders, arms and lower body glutes, legs.
  • Soft Grip Handles & Eight Tubes
The Dual Resistance Tubes have soft grip handles for uninterrupted rehab and training exercises. These black colored tubes provide heavy resistance, ideal for strengthening exercises. Unlike weight and pulley devices and weight machines, the figure of eight tubes allow for all strengthening exercises to be done in functional, sports related movements. This makes them perfect not only for people with injuries but for sports training.
  • Compact & Portable
Lightweight and portable, the Dual Resistance Tube can be taken anywhere and offer an alternative to heavy and large weights.